Where will your pancake be from this Shrove Tuesday?

Fed up of the same old sugar and lemon on a bland paper-thin pancake?  There’s no better time to test out a new mixture than on Pancake Day. Lotus UK has asked its clients from around the world to share its best “pancake” recipe for an alternative dish this Shrovetide.

Where in the world will your pancake come from on Tuesday?

Pancake from Finland: Pannukakku


A crepe, custard, pancake and French toast rolled into one, which is baked in the oven and best served with fruit and cream on top. In Finland, Pannukakku is a popular weekend breakfast item, but it also makes a delicious dessert with ice cream.

Main ingredients: Eggs, milk, vanilla extract, lemon zest, flour, butter and baking powder

Method: Once the pancake batter has rested, it is poured into a hot, buttered pan and baked for fifteen minutes in the oven, or until puffed and golden.

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Pancake from Andorra: Trinxat


One of the best-known dishes of the ‘Country of the Pyrenees’, this Andorran specialty is a hearty potato and cabbage pancake with smoky bacon.

Main ingredients: Cabbage, potatoes and bacon

Method: Boil potatoes and cabbage together, mash with minced garlic, and add to a pan with crispy bacon. Press the mixture into the pan to make a flat cake and cook until golden brown.

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Pancake from Liguria: Farinata


An unleavened pancake made with chickpea flour originating in Genoa, the capital city of the Italian region of Liguria. Farinata is traditionally cooked in a brick oven to give it an authentic wood-fired flavour.  It’s delicious on its own, or with antipasti or cheese.

Main ingredients: Chickpea flour and extra virgin olive oil

Method: Combine the chickpea flour with water, salt and olive oil and stir to make a thick batter. Once rested overnight, fry the pancake in a pan and then transfer to an oven for 10 minutes until the farinata has set and the edges are crispy.

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Pancake from The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel, Florida: Whole Wheat Hot Cakes


Sanibel pancake institution, the Lighthouse Café, proudly states that it is home of ‘The World’s Best Breakfast’. Made with wholemeal flour, its whole wheat hot cakes are a healthier alternative too!

Main ingredients: Wholemeal flour, eggs, milk and baking powder

Method: The main difference here is the whole wheat flour. Follow a normal pancake recipe and to make them a Sanibel speciality, add plump blueberries and top with homemade warm blueberry sauce.

For more ‘hotcake’ and breakfast inspiration from the Lighthouse Café, visit:

Pancake from China:  Ching Hu Huang’s Peking duck rice paper rolls


This is an authentic Chinese recipe from TV Chef Ching Hu Huang, using Chinese pancakes or rice paper rolls. (Although we cheat slightly by buying the pancakes!)

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Main ingredients: Chinese pancakes (from major supermarkets) or rice paper rolls (from Chinese supermarkets), whole duck, Chinese five-spice powder, cucumber

Method: For the perfect roll, spread a little peking duck sauce over the rice paper roll or Chinese pancake, add some cucumber, spring onions and some beautifully roasted duck. Roll up and eat while warm.

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Pancake from Alaska: Smoked Wild Alaska Pollock and Prawn Pancakes

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Seafood is one of the most popular savoury toppings for a posh meal on Pancake Day. Filled with tasty smoked wild Alaska pollock and prawns, these pancakes from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute are a quick, easy and healthy option for families to make together.

Main ingredients: Smoked Wild Alaska Pollock

Method: Serve the pancakes with good sized chunks of cooked wild Alaska Pollock, prawns, herbs and a cheese sauce.

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