The Balearic Islands tourist board showcases the local cuisine of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza & Formentera as part of ‘Better in Winter’ tourism strategy

On Tuesday 12 December, LOTUS brought a taste of the Mediterranean to London at a festive gastro pop-up featuring double Michelin Star chef Fernando P.Arellano, welcoming key members of the UK travel industry and media.

The event that was held on behalf of LOTUS client, the Balearic Islands tourist board, and showcased the culinary variety and diversity of the Balearic Islands whilst emphasising the efforts being made by the tourist board to position the destination as a leading year-round gastro hub.

Promoting the islands at a more authentic time of the year, ambassador of Balearic cuisine, chef Fernando P Arellano, prepared dishes made with locally-sourced Balearic ingredients. These included a special ‘sopa de nadal’, a traditional Christmas chicken broth made with foie gras and pasta, ‘Porcella amb anfos’, a stuffed suckling pig with roasted onion and apple puree, and ‘Ensaimada de torro’, a speciality Mallorcan almond filled sweet bread. Each course was paired with local wine from the region, showcasing different flavours of the Balearic Islands.

In 2005, Arellano opened ‘Zaranda’ in Madrid before relocating the restaurant to the luxury Hotel Castell de Son Claret in Mallorca five years later. The ‘Zaranda’ restaurant remains the only restaurant in Mallorca to boast two Michelin Stars.

The Balearic Islands have long been recognised for their outstanding cuisine which has evolved over the centuries and been influenced by the varied cultures that have passed-though or settled in the islands. Focusing on fresh local seasonal ingredients from the land and sea, the diet is characterised as part of the Mediterranean Diet, declared ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ by UNESCO in 2010 and reflects a way of life and a specific way of eating and cooking, involving sharing food and enjoying the surroundings.

In 2017, the Balearic Islands has welcomed some exciting gastronomic developments which have firmly cemented its position as a leading destination for a foodie break. These include the retention of ten Michelin Stars at the ninth annual Michelin Star Awards, and the recent opening of a new gastro market (Mercat 1930) in the Balearic capital, Palma, as well as an ever-increasing number of new restaurants and bars.

The Balearic Islands Christmas event took place at Ice Tank studios in central London and featured Balearic-themed Christmas decorations and local Christmas songs offering guests an authentic experience of the islands during the festive season.

Marga Amat, President of the ‘Club de Producto Gastronomia de Mallorca’ said: “We are proud to offer a wide and diverse culinary offering in the Balearic Islands which is a major draw for many of our visitors. Food and drink is one of the most important parts of our culture and we are proud to showcase this in London. We look forward to welcoming British guests to our islands to enjoy our wonderful cuisine at any time of year.

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