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Lotus client, The Latin American Travel Association (LATA) is delighted to announce the launch of the Ecoventura LATA Media Awards 2016 which will take place on 26 April.

The LATA Media Awards recognise innovation and excellence across the British travel media landscape with a specific focus on Latin America. Every year, LATA holds a prestigious awards ceremony to celebrate and reward inspiring and creative Latin American stories.

This year, the headline sponsor of the awards is sustainable travel expert Ecoventura which operates a fleet of four expedition vessels in the Galapagos Islands. This year, Ecoventura has built a new one-of-a-kind eco vessel; the MV Origin, due to be launched in the Galapagos in February 2016.

The Ecoventura LATA Media Awards will include the following six categories:

  • Consumer Newspaper Feature of the Year Award (print a/o online)
  • Consumer Magazine Feature of the Year Award (print a/o online)
  • Trade Publication Feature of the Year Award
  • Online Blog Feature of the Year Award
  • Top Published Photo of the Year Award
  • Best Self- Published Award (i.e. Company Blog/Website)

Entry criteria

  • Entries for the first four award categories will be welcomed from UK based editors, journalists, bloggers and photographers.
  • PRs can also submit entries on behalf of their clients.
  • Entries for the Best Self-Published Award will be welcomed from full LATA members only.
  • Editorial entries can be news stories, travel features or photography and must present Latin America in a positive light, encouraging travel to the region.
  • Submissions for the photography award must be a photo of/in Latin America and emailed at 300dpi resolution or as PDF scans of the entire articles. All submissions must have a PDF or a screen grab of the article.
  • Web links will only be sufficient for the ‘Best Online Blog Feature’ and ‘Best Self-Published Award’ categories.
  • All submissions must have been published between 01 January 2015 and 31 December 2015.
  • A maximum of three entries are allowed per person.


All entries should be emailed to with the submission entry form (please note a separate form is required for each entry), by 6pm (GMT) on 18 March 2016. Please note, this entry form is downloadable here.

Shortlisted entries will be notified by 19 April 2016.

Results of the LATA Media Awards will be announced at the Ecoventura LATA Media Awards on 26 April 2016.



Images from left to right:

1. Abriendo Mentes, Costa Rica, Copyright
2. Nuevas Esperanzas, Nicaragua 
3. Vidarte Space, Brazil