Award-winning integrated travel communications agency LOTUS has been appointed by Bidroom to manage all UK PR, influencer outreach and brand partnership introductions. 

Bidroom is an online travel club that offers exclusive deals and significant savings on hotel rooms, and discounts on partner services. 

With a Bidroom membership, travel lovers, city breakers and the bleisure market get exclusive offers on hotels, saving up to 25%. The membership model allows direct access to lower rates across more than 160,000 properties in 128 countries. Bidroom members are also entitled to an enhanced travel experience; complimentary hotel perks such as room upgrades, complimentary breakfast or drinks and other travel partner discounts such as car hire and travel insurance.

With self-developed technology, Bidroom’s premiss is that hotels avoid paying a booking commission. The concept of Bidroom therefore brings fairness, honesty and transparency back to the hospitality and travel industry, directly connecting hotels with prospective guests.

Michael Ros, CEO and co-founder at Bidroom says, "I'm happy that LOTUS has joined Bidroom on our mission to bring honesty, transparency, and fairness to the hospitality industry. We hope travel, tourism, and hospitality will start recovering in 2021, so travel lovers in the UK will be able to benefit from our better hotel deals, and hotels will see more bookings."

Hollie Thomson, Head of Business Development at LOTUS says, “We are delighted to be working with such an exciting disruptor brand. In what has been a challenging year for the travel industry, Bidroom seeks to give control back to the hotelier, to the benefit of its members who receive direct and highly competitive room rates”. 

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