Visit Andorra Joins Lotus UK


Lotus UK is delighted to announce that it has added Visit Andorra to its list of retained clients. After the success of a previous project in 2009, the new brief is to develop and execute a PR, marketing and commercial strategy in the UK, with a focus on Andorra in the summer.

Known internationally for its ski resorts, Lotus UK will be raising the profile of Andorra as one of Europe’s leading activity destinations; developing and promoting the summer activity product whilst consolidating Andorra’s position as one of Europe’s foremost ski destinations.

Tucked in the heart of the Pyrenees between Spain and France, the country’s location makes it ideal for multi-active breaks with rugged landscape, mountain lakes, steep valleys, and a pleasant sub-Mediterranean climate. It’s also a nature-lover’s paradise with 90% of the total land mass covered in forest incorporating three nature parks and with some of Europe’s most rarest and colourful flora, as well as a variety of wildlife typical of alpine and sub-alpine regions.

With nearly eight million people visiting the country each year, tourism is the largest industry in Andorra. We’re looking forward to helping to extend the summer product offering, as well as develop our own experience of summer in the mountains! 

Rebecca Wilson
Lotus UK is delighted to have been appointed as the representative agency for Andorra. This tiny country has huge scope to offer the British traveller over and above its extensive ski facilities. In summertime Andorra comes alive with a wide variety of active and adventure tourism services ranging from gentle walking trips through to the more extreme sports such as mountain biking, canyoning and climbing. We look forward to working with both the UK travel trade and media to develop and promote this.
Rebecca Wilson