While we are closed...

As 96% of the world now has travel restrictions, destination marketing boards marketers have risen to the challenge to find new ways to inspire travellers for their future travels.

Here are some of our favourite campaigns.



The Spanish Tourism Office has launched a video campaign titled ‘#SpainWillWait’ across its social media channels. The objective of the initiative is to consolidate tourists’ loyalty to the destination by reminding them of all that Spain has to offer and all that can be enjoyed once the coronavirus crisis is over. The video looks to convey an evocative idea of Spain, transporting holidaymakers from their homes and strengthening lasting emotional ties with the destination.

The video content is available in English with subtitles here as well as across the relevant social media channels (Twitter: @spain / @Spain_inUK, Instagram: @spain, Facebook:

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The Faroe Islands Take Virtual Travel to Another Level with a Remotely Controlled Local Tour Guide

Hot on the heels of Sheep Cam and Closed for Business, it is no surprise that the Faroe Islands have a new creative campaign for lockdown.

Virtual visits have been created for those whose plans to visit the Faroe Islands have been temporarily put on hold or for those looking for future inspiration. A new site allows virtual visitors to explore the Faroes’ by interacting - live - with locals who act as their eyes and ears on a virtual exploratory tour. Just like a real-life computer game, the visitor controls the moves of the islander/s, who not only explore locations on foot, but also take to the skies by helicopter giving a bird’s eye perspective on the unspoilt, wild countryside.

The virtual tours started on Wednesday 15 April and will run once or twice daily for about 10 days.

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CzechTourism & Budvar to Deliver Isolation 'Care Packages' for Affected Travellers

Czech Tourism have launched 'Cheers From Czech', a campaign which invites would-be visitors to have a taste of the Czech Republic even though their plans have been cancelled. Visitors are asked to upload evidence of their cancelled flights and in return they receive a Care Package delivered directly by national brewery Budweiser Budvar.

In addition to the Care Package giveaway, CzechTourism will be unveiling a series of virtual itineraries on their social media channels to encourage 'armchair travel' including a 360 degree tour of the Budweiser Budvar brewery, city tours and outdoor adventures. The campaign also offers the chance to win a free holiday using the #CheersFromCzech hashtag.

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Frankfurt Digital Initiative

A number of tourist boards have launched virtual tours to allow us to travel from our sofa. The Frankfurt Tourist + Congress Board takes it one step further with a digital postcard which lets users explore Frankfurt old town from anywhere, but also features interesting tid-bits about the history of six different locations there, with accompanying video footage.

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Visit Orlando

Playground of the world, Orlando has created a simple way for Orlando fans to feel connected with the destination. As Zoom becomes the new normal way to do business or host family calls, Visit Orlando have created a series of stunning images to use as backdrops to allow users to host their Zoom calls in Orlando.