With temperatures set to soar, we fancy a splash in Finland’s many lakes!

When the sun is out, Finns (like Brits) have an overwhelming urge to get outside and get out of town, and with the endless summer days who can blame them? Whether its cycling to work, holidaying in a cottage, going to festivals or camping, Finns don't need much of an excuse to get close to nature.

Home to the world's biggest archipelago, Finland is a great summer destination with over 180.000 lakes which really burst to life in the summer.

Check out these photos and videos of a perfect summer day in Finland.

With temperatures set to soar this weekend, don't you just wish you could jump into one of these glorious lakes and then unwind in a Finnish lakeside sauna?


Images from left to right:

1. Abriendo Mentes, Costa Rica, Copyright
2. Nuevas Esperanzas, Nicaragua 
3. Vidarte Space, Brazil